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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting Ready for 2014-15 Year

I am so excited for the new year to begin!  Here are a few of the great projects I have been working on this summer to get ready for the new school year.

Rice Table Fun

Dying rice to make a rhyming game!  So easy to do.  Put 2T of rubbing alcohol in a ziplock bag.  Add food coloring.  I use 1/2 a bottle of neon color into each bag.  Add one pound of rice (found at the dollar store). Zip, Shake and Stir!

Lay on wax paper to dry.  Be carefulIt will stain your counter tops!  I let it dry for a few hours!  Looks great when mixed!

I place all the rice together into a large bin and use it for teaching/experimenting with volume or searching for objects.

Discovery Bottle Recording Sheet

Last year I made discovery bottles using rice and gator aide bottles. (See above for directions about dying rice or noodles.)

The students used them to find letters.  I created a new recording sheet to be used.  The students will use a BINGO dabber to record the letters found in their bottle.  I did not put every letter in every bottle.
Upper Case Letters-Click here to get this sheet free!

I decided to use a sentence for the usual name box to help the students practice the sight words; my, name, is.  I am hoping that by reading these words on many sheets, the students will begin to read these words easily.  I used the stars below the words to help students begin to learn one to one correspondence.

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