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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Center Time

At the end of each day, we work in centers to practice all the skills needed for kindergarten.

Students currently are working on talking in a whisper voice, sharing, working the entire time, staying focused, and cleaning up all supplies. 

This work time will become longer and longer each day to build the stamina of the students so that when guided reading begins, all students can work independently of the teacher.

Activities will change in each center throughout the year.  Only 2 students go to a center at a time.  Students must stay in the center spot for the entire time but choice is given to the student for the activities that are completed in that particular center.  Click on the links to find resources.

Science/Art Center: paint a picture, use magnifying glasses to sort pictures, explore with magnets, put together the frog life cycle, complete a plant puzzle, read nonfiction books

Reading Center: read books, match rhyming words, match alphabet magnetic letters, sort objects by beginning sounds, trace alphabet on white board, lacing alphabet letters


Play Dough: make snakes and nests, build the letters of name, make numbers, make play dough balls match a 10 frame, build characters to tell story


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Math: make pictures with pattern blocks, create pictures with pattern blocks, trace numbers, make patterns with unifix cubes, place numerals on ten frame, match ten frame with numbers, dice roll game

Computer: Go to Starfall and see the games.  We use PebbleGo to research and learn about many things!  Check out the newsletter for the user name and password.
Fine Motor: peg boards, design tiles and patterns, Sort and Snap Color Match, mosaics with Pattern Cards, cut/color

i pads: various apps (Brainpop Jr., Leo's Pad:Preschool Kids Learning Series, Max & Ruby Science!, Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games, Alphabet Game-Build Letter Confidence, A to Z Music Videos from, Everyday Math Monster Squeeze)
Listening: listen to story and create picture about favorite part (check back later for pictures)

The aide pulls students to work on art projects based on our theme or unit of study.  She will also begin to pull small groups to help complete kidwriting activities or skill work.

The teacher pulls groups to work on reading/writing skills based on the needs of the students.

Monday, September 29, 2014


On Friday, Maddie Bortner, a senior from the high school, came to read a story to our class.  She loves to reads and wanted to encourage us to read each day!

We were so excited to learn that she is the niece to Ms. Bortner, our reading specialist.  Ms. Bortner works to help us become better readers!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kindergarten Reading

We are really working hard on learning to read.  We have quiet reading time where the students must find a spot to sit in the room and read all alone for a controlled amount of time.  We are now up to 6 minutes.  Check out the great reading by the students!

How do you read in kindergarten?  There are many ways, but here are a few that we are using right now.

1.  Look at the pictures and tell yourself a story.
2.  Look to see if you can find any letters in your name.  Count the letters you find on each page.
3.  Search for capital letters.  Where do you see them?
4.  Search for lower case letters.  Where do you see them?
5.  Search for words you know.
6.  Point and read words you know.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Sing and Tear It

Rhyming and singing Nursery Rhymes is a great activity to help students develop readiness skills to learn to read.  Click here to see many great skills we practice the first few weeks of kindergarten.

Practice saying Humpty Dumpy by Mother Goose:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.
For more fun, listen and dance to Hip hop Humpty by Jack Hartmann (Click here to go to his store.) 
I own his Hip-Hop AlphaBop CD and I love it!
The students enjoy watching the video after we practice the moves.

Once we can sing the song, we make Humpty Dumpty Tear It!  Check out the great art projects made by the students. Can you recognize Humpty Dumpty?
The students must use the thumb and pointer fingers to tear small rips in construction paper. 

All products look unique and the students are so proud of making a craft that looks completely different from everyone elses!

Math Number Game

After practicing rolling 1 die and knowing the number (or counting if needed), the students then get to play a game!

Materials: die, number cards 1-6, bean bag

Procedure:  Roll die
                   State number of dots (count if don't know)
                   Throw bean bag onto the number that shows how many dots

The other students practice making the number in the air so everyone is involved.  It may take a while to get that bean bag on the correct number ! :)

You can download the numbers and directions for the game for free.  Click here.

Once we practice as a group, the materials are placed in the math center and the students can practice during Center Work Time.
Will the beanbag land on the 3?

Math Counting Dots

Students rolled dice and practice counting the dice dots or remembering the quantity of dice shown without counting, subsidizing.  If students are able to easily subsidize quantities, then counting large amounts of items will be made easier by viewing items in small groups such as 5’s rather than 1’s.

The dollar store has "fuzzy dice" attached to a string.  I cut off the string and use them in groups and/or partners. 

The dice roll quietly because they are plastic.

This is a great activity to observe the students that can count one to one, know the dice number shapes, and/or can work in a partner to take turns.  I love activities that show many things at once!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Social and Academic Skills

We have been working with Puppy and Snail to practice listening skills.  It is extremely important to let kindergarten students practice skills to help make them better learners.

The major focus this week is to have the students practice repeating directions to help them remember directions.  Students play a game like "Simon Says" but it is called "Follow, Follow."  In this game, the students have to  repeat the directions before they act.  Click on the picture for Game Gal web site.

Teacher, "Follow, Follow, touch your toes."
Students repeat, "Touch your toes," then they touch toes.

Once students can repeat and follow one step directions, try it with 2 step directions.

Teacher, "Follow, Follow, turn around and touch your toes."
Students repeat, "Turn around and touch your toes." then they turn around followed by touching toes.

Your goal is to have the students repeat directions in their heads all year long so they will become  great listeners in school which results in learning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sparkly Ten Frame

I created a ten frame this summer to help make math fun!  Check it out!!!

 AC Moore- 2 sets magnets(back of rocks)- $1.69 each

Dollar Store-sparkly tape-2 packs- $2.99 each

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc:
Cookie Pan-$1.00
Luster Gems Mixed-$1.00
stickers-$1.00 per color (2 colors)
I did coat with Modge Podge to help everything stick.

Click on the picture to play the ten frame game!  This is an amazing way to practice number facts.

Ten Frame Game

You can also click on the Five Frame app for students that need help with lower numbers.  Be sure to practice with these skills each day to help the students learn.
Five Frame Game