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Friday, October 31, 2014


On Oct.31 we celebrated a special day!  We wore our costumes, made gack, and played games.  We also had special reading visitors.  Check out our amazing pictures!
Our costumes!

Practicing Reading

Making Gack!

Our Costumes!

McDaniel Green Terrors

Reading us stories!

We promise to read!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

We finally finished our study about frogs.  We created  Know and Learned lily pads to guide our research and discussion.  With I Know...I recorded the students' ideas down on sticky notes as a group. 
 After our unit of study, we used interactive writing to write what we learned together.  We spelled to and can from our memory and sounded out the other words on chart paper.

We read many non fiction and fiction books about frogs.  Here are 2 of our favorites!

We used PebbleGo to learn about these amazing amphibians.  Some of the students studied other amphibians to extend their knowledge.

We used paper tearing to create the life cycle of the frog.  They make an amazing display!

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Some trees keep their leaves all winter.  Other trees loose their leaves in the fall.  The leaves often turn from green to yellow, red, or orange before falling to the ground.  How can you show that the other color is there when you only see green?

Try this experiment from The Everything Kids' Science Experiment.  

Where do leaves get their colors?

 3-5 leaves from the same tree

Clear container
Nail polish remover (acetone needed)
Coffee filter 


1. Tear leaves into small pieces.
2. Place pieces in the bottom of clear container and mash them together with a spoon.
3. Add several teaspoons of nail polish remover to the leaf mush.  Be sure the mush is totally covered.
4. Position coffee filter over the container.  It should rest in the liquid but not touch the leaves.
5. Let it sit for a few hours, observe!

What we observed?  We saw the nail polish turn green.  It worked its way up the coffee filter looking clear.  Near the bottom of the coffee filter we could see a green color.  After that, we could see a yellow color.

Our new question?  What color would we see with leaves from a red maple tree?

What's Happening?
The green you see comes from chlorophyll, the chemical that makes the leaf green.  The other colors are in the leaf but you can not see them because in the spring and summer, the plant produces so much chlorophyll.  In the fall, the plant is getting ready to rest for winter.  As the days become shorter and the weather turns colder, the plant stops making food.  The other colors can then shine through the leaf.

Go to Science Made Simple to find more information about the color of Autumn Leaves.