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Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday

My poster to tell about myself and the things I love!

 Time for the students to read is so important at all levels.  When the students arrive in the morning, they unpack bookbags and get to read!  I am amazed how excited they are to read by themselves.

I taught them to read like kindergarten students.  They look at the pictures and talk about the story and what they think is happening! 
We have been working on all the PA skill this week using names.  It is so fun to watch.  You can find all the skills on my page Phonological Awareness Skills (click here).
We loved singing "Willaby, Wallaby, Woo" using our friends' names!
You can hear the song here from Randy Marquardt.

We have really been working on goal setting.  The students that can spell their names got to sign a "goal" sheet that is hanging in the room!  Other friends are practicing at home and can't wait to practice.  Here is a sample of the goal sheet!

We have been practicing working on Phonological Awareness each day!  I use  a page that I created on this blog to focus and guide my instruction.  I refer back to it each day to remind myself about these important skills.

Using the students names as many times as I can helps my students focus and feel special!

Click here to visit the page.
Click here for many activities to develop Phonological Awareness Skills.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Five for Friday

Rhyming and Gross Motor Skills!
 Wow!  Rhyming can be so difficult for kindergarten learners!  We read many books this week that focus on rhyming words.  Students played "ODD EGG OUT" to practice.  Three cards are put side by side and the student had to pick the word that did not rhyme!  Throwing a bean bag to the odd egg was so much fun!
Each student had 3 tries to land on the correct egg!
This great game is in my Odd Egg Out Common Core Game!  There is a recording sheet for the students to color if they decide to play at center time!
We focused on the letter Hh to go with our poem Humpty Dumpty! This poem is found in my Humpty Dumpty Easy Prep (click here for a link) packet that focuses on phonological awareness skills. We have made many activities that go with this great poem!  We looked for capital and lower case letters in the poem.  We practiced using highlighters correctly.  (The cap must CLICK on and then the highlighter is place at the top of the page to show that work is finished.) These details are very important to help lessons proceed smoothly in the future.

Looking closely at words is an extremely important skill for beginning readers. 


We then wrote H in the air, traced it on the paper, and made 3 original H letters.  Circling the H that was best was the most fun!

Working with fine motor skills is so important and should not be forgotten in kindergarten!  Check out the cool Humpty Dumpty craft idea!

 Learners Learners Everywhere!

We have started using our Learner's Notebook!  It is a book for the students to record and work on different tasks.  I becomes a portfolio to show learning and growth!

I love the cover that I made!  You can download it for free on my TPT site (click on the picture)!  Please leave a comment and follow my store if you download!
The students were so excited to get an individual book!
The first entry!
You can see a picture of the family!  I love how the mother's arms still come out of the head.  It will be so informative at the end of the year to see the difference in drawings!

Great video to practice letters and to get those bodies moving!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sequencing Slow Down

We completed a Humpty Dumpty sequence activity today and boy was I surprised!  I thought this would be an easy activity for kindergarten students!  It took way longer than I thought!
Here is the picture I made for the students to use.

The students had to cut around the 4 rectangles. I had to help many of them hold scissors and follow the lines!  We will need to do more cutting activities to work those finger skills!  

Check out picture below:These great students were practicing really hard to hold those scissors correctly!  Are you amazed as I am!?!
The students had to put the pictures in order from the beginning to the end!  I was so surprised to find that many of the students  messed up the order and needed help!  It was so fun to see their faces when I said, "Your pictures shows all the kings horses and men couldn't put Humpty together again , then Humpty sat on the wall, then Humpty fell off the wall!" 
 Then the student had to point to the beginning, end, then middle of the story!  Asking out or order had many students pointing to the wrong answer!

After answering all my questions, the students glued their pieces to a headband in order!  Yes, we had to work on which side of the paper showed the beginning.

 Check out the cute finished product!  They we so excited to wear their headbands!
I realized that I need to slow down my instruction and focus on what the students need at this time of the year!  Keep reminding me!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015


We started our syllable study by making a chart of the students names, clapping the syllables, and placing dots to represent the claps.  You can see a sample of all the names we clapped and recorded.

We then played 

Feed the Animals!

You can see the pictures of the students clapping and sorting the food.

You can find the game in my store!  Click here for a link.

The students will then work on cutting and pasting skills to practice sorting by syllables.
I have 3 sheets to practice 1-3 syllable sorts and 3 sheets to practice 2-4 syllable sorts.  The activity can then be differentiated for the students.

 We read Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC by June Sobel.
This is such a fun book!  The students love to say "R"
One of the students made a connections and said, "That sounds like shiver me timbers!" exclamation in the form of a mock oath usually attributed to the speech of pirates in works of fiction.  It is employed as a literary devise to express surprise, shock, and even annoyance by authors.

WOW!!!  Kinders are so smart!!!! I'm sure we will be hearing that all year long!


We finally used the light up box!

After the discussion and retelling, We searched for letters in the sand and placed them on the light up box that contained a sheet projector with the alphabet.  Yes!!! There was mess to clean up!  Using sand is so much fun in kindergarten!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazing Second Week!


 Teaching students the rules for listening with the cassette is so much fun!  Only 1 out of 21 students knew the word cassette.

The students had to practice pushing the correct buttons (the colored circles help) and following along at the turn the page sound.  Turning the pages seems to be the most difficult part!

After hearing the story, From Anne to Zach the students practiced writing their own names.  We discussed the capital letter and all the lower case letters. The students traced their names and I was surprised that many students did not know what trace meant.  It was a great lesson!


We looked at the capital and lower case letters!  We discussed if they we the same or different and sorted into 2 piles.  We then had to place the cards onto our classroom rug so we practiced visually seeing and matching the letters.  When we were finished, we had to pick up the letters and hop from one letter to the next.  There we so many skills we practiced in one lesson!  It was great to watch the discussions happen between the students.

I discovered a great new site this week! Epic! is absolutely free to elementary school teachers and school librarians in the US and Canada. A favorite with teachers and students around the country, Epic! brings access to unlimited children's literature into every classroom. The diverse and wide-ranging library of eBooks and audio content can be used as a general resource or as part of the curriculum. Epic! encourages young readers with badges and rewards, while letting teachers assign books and track individual reading progress.

So far we read and learned about Sharks to start our study!  The students can't wait until I can download this to the ipads.  They want to individually learn about alligators, monkeys, and butterflies.

Go to Epic Books for Kids to sign up and use this program!  I am so excited to add this to my class library!  Class Library you say!!!  Check out our class library that features AMAZING ARTISTS!

We finished our paper tearing of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree!  Paper tearing is a great activity to work the fine motor skills!  The end product looks so amazing as a classroom display!

The students needed t find the capital glitter letter and then the lower case letters or their nae to personalize the product.  It was great fun to have them mix up the letter and name them out of order!  Pasting them in order is always easy!
It is great to see how student work brightens the room!
The before picture!!

Check out my bracelet that arrived from "Vantel Pearls!"  I love it!  You should go to a home party and check it out for yourself!