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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Surprise! Surprise!

The students were so surprised this week to actually read a big book as a group, and they did all the work!  

I have been telling them for a few weeks that they are actually reading and can figure out a story based on what they know about the characters, what makes sense, and the sound/letters they know.  BUT...I still do not think they believed me!

I did not actually think all of them would actually pay attention and read....because of the times I watch them not focus on the words as we read together!

 "How can you fix it?"  I ask my self over and over?!?!?

Let one of the students do the pointing!  WHAT?

WOW! Was I surprised at how well they focused together as a group!  I actually taped it to record the amazing reading!  The parents can see it on Seesaw! and the students actually watch it when they have choice time!  They love to see themselves on video.

Am I an amazing teacher that makes great learning happen? No, I am a teacher that takes cues from the students and I am always pleased and surprised at the outcome!  They never cease to amaze me!
How did it start?

Me: Please read this book with me focusing on the letters and the sounds they make.

Student: I think you should let me point because I can actually read those words now! (You should have heard the wonder in his voice)

The students then read the book together.  One student pointed and the others read along.  They read, reread, and fixed any mistakes that were made!

Me: WOW!  Great job!  Let's record that so all of your parents and the world can see how well you read in Kindergarten!

Here is the morning class reading the book so well that I did it with the afternoon class too!  

Why mess with a good thing?!?
Check out the pm class reading and fixing!

The students can't wait to read a book independently and record it for their parents to see and to share on the class SeeSaw Digital Portfolio. Check out this amazing tool! It's free for teachers!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blending Words

We have been working each day to put all the sounds together to read simple words!

This time of year is so much fun in kindergarten!
The students know many sounds and are starting to blend them together to read unknown words!
We read Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Tub by Joy Cowley and the students were so surprised that they could stretch the word tub and read it all by themselves!
We had a great discussion about the words water and soap and had to use the letters in the story to decide and defend our ideas!  This is a great book for kindergarten students to read on their own! If you click on the picture you can find it at Barnes & Noble.

How do you read unknown words?
 First, we say each sound in the word.
fun-/f/ /u/ /n/
Then we say it faster to read the word.

The students are so proud when they can read words! 

Check out a short video that explains how to blend the sounds together to find an unknown word!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

100th Day of School!

We have been at school now for 100 days and are working so hard to learn.
Each student was asked to bring in 100 small snacks to create "Friendship Salad" to share.  

Each child added an ingredient to the bowl and spoke about what makes a good friend.

The students had great responses:
Shares things
Says nice words
Helps if I'm hurt
Is kind to me
Plays with me
Invites me to a birthday party
Comes to my house to play Xbox
Pick me to play with them
Asks "Do you want to be my friend?"
Gives me something to do if I don't have something

I wanted to add a rotten banana that was yelling, hitting, and saying mean thing, but the students would not let me.

After mixing all the friendship ingredients, we divided the mixture into bags and celebrated all of our friends!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Take Home Fun

What better way to engage students than to send home something fun to do over the weekend!

We adopted a Webkinz friend, voted on a name, and created a room in Webkinz world!

Each weekend, a new student takes home the Webkinz, a journal to record fun, and books to share. 

 The student returns the bag each Monday and shares with the class the fun things that were done!