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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reading Sight Words!

Ever have a difficult time trying to get some students to read sight words, or words that can not be stretched and need to learned by memory or sight.

I remember trying many things like:
 drill sandwiches
writing in sand (or pudding YUM!)
making them large in the air
moving letters with smart boards
watching videos like Have Fun Teaching

And all of these things are fine to practice but in the actual teaching what can you do to help the students with these difficult words?

After working with a research based intervention system and observing the students just beginning to learn to read words, I think I have come across a way to help the brain learn these words!

I hope it helps you when you are teaching!

If students make an error with one of these irregular words (words you can not say the sounds and blend them back to get a word).

1st-Tell them the word and have them repeat the word.
2nd-Have them spell the word aloud and tell the word they spelled.
3rd-Return to the word a second time and have the child try to read the word by spelling it in their head.

I am going to do this activity first with every "sight word" we are trying to learn.

I am also going to start having my students do this as they are reading in guided reading when those mistakes are made!

I created an instruction sheet to share with parents and to use with the students for progress monitoring and goal setting! Click on picture to get document!
You can find a great resource to helps students learn by clicking the picture below!  The students love to practice these words because of the fun dinos!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We had so much fun thinking and learning about leprechauns!
The students made traps or houses to try and capture the leprechauns!  

The students recorded on the Seesaw app what was made and how the traps worked.  You can see what the students wrote by clicking on the Seesaw image below! 

Please leave a comment if you can!  The students wanted to share them with the world.

When we walked in this morning, the traps and houses were scattered across the room!  A BIG mess was everywhere!  We looked in each trap to try to find the leprechaun but we actually found a note, gold, and a box of Lucky Charms!

Do you think this leprechaun caused all the trouble?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Folktale Fun

I love reading folktales to the students and try to find as many as I can to help build the sense of story!  The students also love to retell when they get a chance.

We have been working on the story Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato by one of my favorite authors, Tomie dePaola. Click on the picture to find the book on Amazon.

You can also find a great video on You Tube.

The students then created shamrocks with tissue paper and gloss acrylic.
 First, place tissue paper on plain white paper and cover with gloss acrylic,  Wait for it to dry
 Trace shamrock shape on back with sharpie.
Cut along the black lines and turn over for a shiny shamrock.

Then the students used Chatterpix to make the shamrock talk!  It was so much fun to see the growth of language skills from the beginning of the year when we did shark reports. Click here to see the shark reports from the beginning of the year.

Check out the great "Talking Shamrock!"
We shared it on SeeSaw for all parents and friends to see!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old Puzzle New Game

We had a great time working with the puzzles we used earlier in the year to hear beginning sounds.  BUT there was a new twist to this game!

The students chose a letter piece from the bag and had to find the picture that matched.
Click on the picture to get puzzle.
After matching, the student had to segment the word. 
So Nn matches with nut and the student replies, "/n/ /u/ /t/"

It is so important to work on these skills with students to develop reading abilities.

The best predictor of reading difficulty in kindergarten or first grade is the inability to segment words and syllables into integral sound units (phonemic awareness).

Segmentation is a high priority skill needed for beginning readers and often glossed over by  teachers and parents. So do a little practice and add a new twist to an old game.

Read Across America Day

Happy Read Across America Day!  

We dressed up to celebrate a great day!  
and read many books!

A special reader visited and read a great book today!  The Book Lady read, Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis.
Our 5th grade Buddies read the Dr, Seuss books to us!

Along with a dress up day and sharing books, our students voted for the Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards! In the Commonwealth, sets of titles are selected by a committee of adults with recommendations from young readers, librarians, and teachers.  Every vote counts to choose the book award for Pennsylvania.

Can't wait to see if the award goes to the book our school chose.