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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Domino Dice Fun

I can not believe how much fun we are having the last few days of school!

I took out the math dice game. First, we played with 2 dice, and now we are using the dice cards! I have seen such and increase with number sense and math skills in a few days!

To make it even more fun, we recorded our number sentence, hopping to find the number, and respect from friends on @Seesaw to share with parents!
You can find the game if you click the picture below!

Dinosaur! Dinosaur!

We finished our dinosaur study by digging and finding new dinosaurs! You can check out how it all started with the schema chart procedure.

The students then wrote about their new discovery!  They could choose to make a chatterpix or record on puppet edu!

Check them out!

  The students loved the theme of dinosaurs to find sight words! Understanding if they had to memorize a word or could try and blend the sounds took a lot of practice.
Check out the amazing kidwriting and dinosaur creations!

We also wrote an opinion about the dinosaurs we discovered! It was so cool to read about why each student liked a certain dinosaur. Some students had a really hard time explaining why!

You can find all the resources below!

Life Cycle!

We completed our life cycle study with the hatching of butterflies!  It was so much fun to watch and to  listen to the conversations of the students! Check out our video!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Research has shown that segmenting it the biggest indicator of reading success!  SO a cool activity helps develop this important skill!
Students used a bingo dabber to count the syllables!  They thought this was the best part!  
They then wrote the sounds heard in the dots!
The students were so excited to write the entire words at the bottom!

It was so much fun to watch this process happen!  The students were so confident in their skills!

Many students like to use one color and other like to use multiple colors!

Some of the students needed to write the letters for the sounds over the dots and then transfer the word to the bottom!

Other students could look at the picture, check the dots, and then write the word at the bottom!

It was amazing to watch the students count the sounds!  SOOOO this activity also used Math!  WHOO HOO!!  I love to include math whenever I can!
Math also played a big roll when we got the words with different number of sounds! We discussed how many more, which word had the bigger number, etc.

Clicking on the picture below for the resource:

Other resources to help work segmenting! Click to get the resources!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Puzzle Fun!

The students have been having so much fun with puzzles this year, I just keep creating new ones!
These puzzles have helped with skill work on so many levels, and I can use them any time of the year!

We started with rhyming then moved to beginning sounds!  We then progressed to cvc words and blends and digraphs!

It's so much fun to watch them now stretch and even write these words!

Click on the pictures below to find
the resources! Follow my store or check back for a new one soon!