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Monday, September 19, 2016

Daily Alphabet Practice

Reading an alphabet chart each day will help learners remember the letters of the alphabet! Each day we point to each letter with a squiggly pointer (cheap and easy to make) and say the letter names.
l,  m,  n,  o, p
are emphasized each time!  (These are so hard at the beginning of kindergarten!)

Today I videoed students reading the alphabet and placed it in their Seesaw Learning Journal!  BOY did they pay attention to the video!  Hopefully, each student will now practice at home each night!
Doing it each day helps build long term memory!

We also practice saying the letter names as we cross our bodies!   Crossing the mid-line and adding movement also helps send information to long term memory!  Plus it's fun!

In groups, the students marked the alphabet chart with a BINGO dabber after spinning our apple spinner!  They had so much fun!

We will continue to  read the alphabet each day, say the alphabet crossing our bodies, sing Hip Hop Alphabet, and spin the spinner plus dab until all letter names and sounds are learned!

I have all different games to play based on the month of the year!  If students learn the letter names, we will then focus on the sounds!


 Hopefully, learning the letter names and sounds will happen quickly!

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