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Monday, October 31, 2016

Technology Response to Reading

The students loved reading There Was an Old Monster by the Caldecott medalist, Ed Emberley,  his daughter, and granddaughter.  They laughed along with the funny text by Rebecca Emberley, and loved repeating it.  The cool song was a favorite!  Click here to the song by Adrian Emberley.

Check out the cool monsters!  We pressed paint into a folded piece of paper.  Then we cut shapes to make the details.  Circle eyes were very difficult!
We used @chatterpix and made the monster tell something that happened in the story!

Class Retelling

This is a great book to retell because of all the animals.  We worked together to tell the story using @ShadowPuppet.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reading Art Response

We read Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds!
Great book!  I'm so amazed at how it holds the students' attention.
Then we made carrots!  The students had to cut the shapes and it was so difficult for some of them!  Perfect for working those fine motor skills...and they turned out so cute!
Some of the students made the carrot talk about why all the carrots were happy in the end!
We also discussed the story using Puppet Edu to create a simple video about this amazing story!
We shared them on @Seesaw to show all the parents!  So fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Segmenting Words

Segmenting works is the best indicator of reading success!  The first step is working on syllables!  In kindergarten, we work to help build this skill in the upper grades.  

Playing Feed the Animals makes it fun!

The 3 or 4 animal cue cards have dots to help the learners remember the number of syllables! 

(It also helps with math and counting so I like to show it with dots!)

The students choose a card and all learners clap the number of syllables.

The student then has to place it under the correct animal.

The other learners need to give a thumbs up or down to show support.

It's so much fun to hear, "You can clap syllables" or "You clapped the right amount, Yeah."  They are so happy when friends do the right thing!!!

The students love to play this game!

Once we have played a few times and I think they have the concept, (We also clap all kinds of  words from books we read in Read Aloud...vocabulary works work well!)  I have the students work on a cut & paste activity!  It really shows me what the students have learned.  I do always ask what they think before deciding on correctness.  Sometimes they supply another word.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Number Fun with Beans

Working on number sense using 2 sided beans.  How do you play?
 Each pair had 3 red/white beans.
Shake them;
Drop them.
Tell how many red and how many white.
1 red and 2 white makes 3.

 We then use other numbers!

Fill the table!

Pick a number to use!  Fill the table but be sure to say how many red and white!

After we practice with a number, we fill in a recording sheet! 
 Students drop the beans and say how many red and white beans that make the total.  Then they record the number by coloring the red beans.
This sheet tells the families what we did in school and how to practice at home.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Build Better Writers by Coloring on the Floor

What?!  Yes, you can build better handwriting skills by coloring on the floor!  I was just reminded of this by the Occupational Therapist at my school!
A few of my students keep their hands and wrist off the table when writing which causes poor control of shapes and weak pencil lines.  It seems so difficult to correct for some students!

 Can you see the difference between the two wrists in the picture above while pointing?

 We have to place our hand/wrist on the table for good pencil control, but many students can not do this!

  SO what do you do?

Lay on the floor, of course!  While working on our number sense "Spill the Bean" activity, we colored on the floor and sat up to spill the beans.  There are so many opportunities to build this muscle strength by changing the position of the worker!

 Provide many opportunities for laying on the floor!

Parents can also encourage this position during TV time.  The child only sits up while the show plays  and lays down during commercials or visa versa depending on the child's strength!
 If you have students falling off chairs, it may be because of this lack of strength!

"Push up and Hold" can build the strength needed to write!

"Push up and Hold" is a fun game that can be used for any skill!  We push up and hold from 1-10 and then rest from 11-20.  Once we can all count, we will practice "Push up and Hold" as we count to 100 by 5"s or 10's.  It's the holding that counts, make a plank for older students!  Think yoga and how much it hurts! :) It builds muscle core strength!

Writing on a Vertical Surface

Use clip boards or small chalk boards and make the students hold them vertically to write.  It should cause the wrist and arm to rest in the correct position.
I'm so lucky to have a real chalk board in my room!  It is a vertical plane which helps with building strength but it also has a rough surface that provides resistance which helps with memory!

Be sure to build the muscle strength in the chest and arms to help with writing skills!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pumpkin Number Time!

We have a PUMPKIN Number Path to practice with number sense!

Students use it to count to and move up and down like a number line!  The number path is better because young mathematicians can see that 5 stands for 5 pumpkins.  It makes numbers more meaningful!
Then I hid these cards around the room!
  The students use clip boards to search for the cards, count the dots, then color a matching pumpkin on a recording sheet.

They have to hold the clip board like a doctor, so they are practicing building upper body strength needed to write neatly! (writing on vertical surface helps this)
I also cut apart 2 copies of the digits to make a matching game.  It was the first center chosen on the day I introduced it!  It beat potato heads, play-dough, and kitchen! What?!?
Yes, the magnetic numbers make it fun, too!

You are the best teacher ever!

is what I hear when we get out the pumpkin papers and search the room!  I guess K kiddos like to move!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Number Sense with Rhyming!?! WHAT?!?!

Want to work on Number Sense when you practice rhyming?!? or any other game?
Play Rhyming Memory!  When the game is over, lay out the cards of each learner.
Count the cards. 
Talk about which is more and which is less.

Or play Popcorn Race

Who ever says the letter (or sound first) get the card!  When the game is over, lay out the cards and count!  Whoo Hooo, which is more or less?
For advanced math thinkers, discuss how many more or less...yes, use their arms to let them explain!
 They can visually see the number sense.  It was so exciting to hear them exclaim that there were 5 in the 3rd and 4th rows before we even counted  because they were remembering the number and could see it visually.

"Number Sense can't be taught; it has to be caught!" says Christina Tondevold

We are working on number sense each day!  It has become my new passion!  

Pumpkin Themed
Finding 5
Free Number Path

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Letter Practicing

Teachers inform parents about growth and learning but I often wonder if the parents understand what is happening when papers come home from school!  
Here are 2 papers I use.  They dabbed the letters they know within 5 seconds.  I always kept one from the beginning of the year and sent the others home!  At the end of the year, we would use a different color and the students could visually see what was learned!  They were always so amazed of what they didn't know at the beginning of the year.!

This year, I had the students record a message about what they have learned and a comment from me!  It is so cool for the parents, and the students are so proud!
Hopefully, it provides more information for the parents!  Click on picture to go to the Blog and hear the recording!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Goals Galore!

I have been setting goals and really focusing on it for the past few years! BUT this has made all the difference this year!  Posting the Goals!
 We read a few books about reaching dreams and setting goals! Check out Giraffes Can't Dance...all about not letting other discourage you from your dreams!
The students then talked about their goal for kindergarten and filled out a football goal sheet.
 yes, they colored it and I had instant information about hand grip and pencil control!
We then talked about the goals for kindergarten and I hung those below the individual goals  Now each time the students meet a goal, they sign the class goal sheet!
It keeps the goals visible and in the students' minds!  It is so cool to see the names added each week!

I also have a comprehensive goal sheet in each Learner's Journal.  The students color or circle when they meet a goal.

They are so excited to look in their journals and talk with each other about what they know!

I am amazed how much they are learning this year!

Click on any picture to find edible goal sheets!

I am also using Seesaw to send home goals we are working on in class!  We took a picture of letters known and sent home the information for the parents!  Click on the picture below to visit our blog!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Numeration Dice Fun!

Working with numbers happens naturally in a fun way when you play games!  We are working on learning 1 to 1 counting, number sense and so many skills by doing a few fun things! Click on the picture below for a free resource using dice that helps with number sense!
 Work with a partner, roll a dice, tell your partner the number shown or count so you can tell your partner!  Be sure to divide the students by the ones that know the numbers with a friend that may need more help!  Students can help each other learn!

 Or search the room and practice! The students had so much fun...just...

hide a bunch of clues around the room and students search for a match and color on a recording sheet!  It gave me great observation time to see the students that need visual help and number sense!
 Here is a resource to  to work with the number 5 and dice!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


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