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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowmen Segmenting with Phonics

WOW!  We have so much fun learning the sounds and the letters that make them!   Now we are starting to spell words!  We stretch the sounds from the picture on the snowman while pointing to the snowflake.  Yes, we can segment words!
 Then a student had to put the snowflake letter to match the sound. Phonics Fun!
 To keep everyone involved...all others wrote the sounds on white boards!
 Everyone was so proud that they could actually write words! then we read the words! Blending, yes!
Here is a free sample of the snowmen resource we used!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Never Enough Practice!

 I am so amazed at how much my students have learned so far this year!  They just don't understand when my eyes fill up with tears as they read independently...or my loud screams of excitement!

BUT...I'm amazed that learning the letters and sounds can be so difficult or cause some confusion with the letter names or sounds.

Soooo what do you have to so as a teacher...SLOW DOWN and provide opportunities for practice!

WHAT,,,how do you do that with standards and expectations!

JUST DO IT!  It is so important to make decisions based on the learning of the students not on the expectations from Common Core Standards, Parents, Administrators, or other teachers!

So we are going to be practicing with a fun snoefalke game and 2 fun games! Oh, Yeah!

  • Go Fish!
  • Concentration!

Playing games isn't a waste of class time - it's an intelligent and purposeful use of time!

 We will also just pull a letter from the mitten shape and say the letter and sound!  If you get it right, you keep the snowflake!  When time is up, we count the snowflakes and compare so we add math skills to a phonics game! 

Here are the resources I use to make learning fun! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cutting Wreaths

We made paper wreaths to practice cutting skills!  and to celebrate Christmas!
How easy and fun is it!  Check out the step by step pictures and directions!

1st- Fold a piece of 9X12 green construction paper in dog fold!

2nd-Fold it dog style. should now be folded in half with folded edge pointed towards belly.  The open edge is away from the body and there is a folded line running horizontally across the paper.

4th- Cut straight lines from the folded paper edge to the folded middle line.  Be sure to cut right to the middle line!  "Touch the middle line!"

5th- Keep cutting equal size lines!  Thumb up, elbow in!

6th-Keep going until the end!

7th- Open paper.

8th-Fold 2 outer edges to touch in the middle.

9th-Fold into a triangular prism.

10th- Staple edges!


It is so important to practice scissor skills! Click on picture below to get a copy of TIPS FOR CUTTING with Scissors!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Phonemic Awareness, Rhyming and Phonics

We have been really focusing on making 2 sounds blend together to make a word. Oh Yeah!  Phonological Awareness!

First we practiced orally!
Teacher: /b/  /at/
Students clap: bat

Then we made an anchor chart by adding letters to match the sounds we said! Oh yeah!  Phonics!

Students could practice reading the words independently or they would find the word after we blended it as a class! (Great way to focus on beginning sounds!) Oh yeah FUN!

Here is a video I posted to @Seesaw to help the parents understand what we are doing and to provide more practice at home! Oh Yeah PRACTICE!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Number Sense Subitizing

We have been working really hard to build number sense!  Subitizing is the biggest focus!

What is subitizing?

Subtilizing is the ability to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice – you must practice until counting is no longer necessary! (We still have a few that need to count and we do it every day!)

We roll a dice and try to tell the number without counting!  The students now know that they can count BUT only if needed!  

Now we are working on coloring presents since it is December!  The sheet has the dots to match and the number to help with number recognition.  Download the free game by clicking on the picture!

We also play hopscotch! Roll the dice, say the number, hop beside the number, turn around and hop back....yes, you can count backwards...if you can!

 We also are still searching the room for totals!
These small cards are hidden around the room!  We search, add dots, and find a match on a recording sheet!

We also use dot cards to discuss what we see!

You can get FREE dot cards from PreKinders to play a more/less game!

We have been talking a lot about what we see on Dot Cards!  
Questions for discussion:
How many dots did you see?

How did you know how many?
How did you know that was _____?
How did you see it?
What did you see?
Did anyone see it a different way?

It is so important to not to comment on answers!  You are trying to understand the thought process that is happening in the students' heads!  It also develops students' understanding of how to explain what they are thinking!  Other may get a few ideas too!

Give the gift of number sense and subitize!